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Deadly Dreams – A Death Walker Novel #1:

Danielle Mason is a typical teenager. School, best friend…nightmares that reach out and touch her. She doesn’t know why she has nightmares of darkness and death and she doesn’t know why the green eyed boy in each one reaches out to her. Then the day comes that she realizes that the nightmares are somehow tied to her but she just doesn’t understand how. Could these be scenes from previous lives and could this green eyed boy be part of her destiny? And what about the new boy at school and the familiar feeling she has around him? Could it be just a coincidence?

Deadly Desires – A Death Walker Novel #2:

With her sixteenth birthday coming up Danielle is faced with more tests than she can handle. She’s dealing with a “kind of” boyfriend, a soul mate and terrifying nightmares that stop her breath…literally. Yet with the help of both of her guys she finds out more about herself than she thought possible as well as finding out a little bit about the family she never knew. She also discovers that the lives that led up to this one just didn’t happen by chance, there is something there she is hoping to discover, but she doesn’t know if she will find it in time.

Deadly Darkness – A Death Walker Novel #3:

Now that Danielle has found out what she is, she now has to find out why she keeps dying and how to prevent it from happening again. Mitch and Alex are the only support she has and Mitch especially won’t let her give up. Her nightmares are progressively getting more violent and taking over her waking moments as well and she can’t seem to hold the darkness back for long. Exams and a surprise invitation to the prom finish off the school year in a big way. Even a visit to the town where her birth family lived is overshadowed by darkness and grief. It’s a race against time and time is not on their side. When the rattle of bones sounds in her ear and the shadows grow even darker she knows that she may not have any time at all.

Deadly Destination – A Death Walker Novel #4:

It’s once again the beginning. The beginning of life and the beginning of a new generation. Mitch has been researching the lives of both Alex and Danielle. He has been all over the world trying to find the origin of the curse that kills every incarnation of Danielle when she is sixteen years old. He is running out of time and is no closer to an answer, but when he gets called back home unexpectedly, he begins to have dreams of his own previous lives. He thinks he has narrowed down the life in which the curse was cast, but he doesn’t have a location.He has to bring in some friends to help him. He has to tell his story to someone for the first time. Will they help him or think he’s crazy?


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