Deadly Darkness Interview

Interview with Sarah Dieng (Author of the Death Walker series)

Author of Deadly Darkness Book Three

Interviewed by: Mary Pruitt

Now that your third book in the Death Walker series titled “Deadly Darkness” has been released, how does this make you feel?

It is such a surreal but amazing feeling. Deep down, I was beginning to think that it would never get finished due to all of the editing and technology issues that kept coming up. However, I am proud to say that book 3 is out and my readers don’t have to wait any longer.

With the release of books, one and two, we only had to wait around 6 months for the release of the second book ”Deadly Desires”, however, with book 3 we have had to wait significantly longer. Is this an indication of more time needed to create a different spin or more time with sequencing the characters and events?

It has definitely been a long road for this one. Let’s just say and leave it with, certain circumstances arose that were beyond my control that caused the delay in releasing. Based on this delay, and the labor of love that went into this book and the entire series I feel confident that readers will enjoy getting more of the big picture and really putting the pieces together for understanding the relationships of the characters and how each of them have a role to play historically as well as in the future.

We have read comments from readers that they could not wait for this next book in the series. Now that it is released can you share the plans for the next installment, or will you just keep the fans watching and waiting with anxious anticipation?

My fans are great! They have patiently waited for this release, even offering assistance to read and provide feedback. That is what I call dedication of my readers. If anything, the extra time to release while not ideal helped me to prepare for the final book in the series that will be released in a timelier manner.

What can you share with us about “Deadly Darkness”?

With this book, we start out where “Deadly Desires” left off. Danielle is now sixteen years old and her life is progressively getting more difficult and harder to deal with and manage. She knows she has a deadline, and that realization is really wearing on her, especially with the realization that there is a high likelihood she could die if she doesn’t figure out the reason behind why all of her previous lives ended at the tender age of sixteen.

I understand she finally learns about her birth mother?

Yes, she does. Between Alex and Mitch, they were able to research and find out who she was and where she lived. Danielle then has the opportunity to visit the area and she is able to learn more about her mother, her background and the life she built there.

There is also another character from “Deadly Desires” that plays an integral part in this one. I have heard that it is someone she goes to school with who holds a grudge?

Yes, Jared. He mixes up her life a bit.

How so?

If you will remember from “Deadly Desires”, Mitch and Alex stopped his supposed fun when he confronted Danielle in the mall restroom hallway. He also holds a grudge against Danielle for breaking his nose and making him look bad. He feels that she owes him something.

Danielle doesn’t exactly have an ideal life and definitely not a “normal” existence, does she ever get the opportunity to just be a teenager and be able to enjoy life?

Normal isn’t in her vocabulary much less a part of her life. While she does wish for a somewhat normal existence, the reality is, it just would never happen. There are some moments, but they are quite rare. Fortunately, Alex gives her the prom experience and both he and Mitch try to shield her as best as they can, but the one thing that makes her who she is keeps interfering, and unfortunately the only thing that they are able to do is give her support.

Are you able to give us an idea of how this life differs from previous lives?

In her previous lives, it was thought that her nightmares and/or bad headaches were an underlying condition of a larger issue and then there were those who believed she was crazy. The reincarnation or rebirth into different lives was just not something anyone would have considered or believed. There was only one person who knew the truth and that was Alex.

Also, why is this life more important or more critical than others she has experienced?

With this life, Danielle is experiencing more vivid dreams. With computers and the library within an arm’s reach, research could be done more quickly and shared. The information was literally at their fingertips. Of course, Alex knew that in this life Danielle would be more receptive and open to the paranormal regardless of how unbelievable and unrealistic it seemed.

The word “Darkness” in the title is quite ominous; does this mean there are bad things in store for Danielle?

Danielle’s whole life has been and is filled with darkness; as she gets older the closer this darkness gets to her. She has the knowledge that there are always bad things just waiting to trip her up. So knowing this as factual, and realizing that she still has a lot to learn, she is able navigate this darkness and continue learning and understanding the things in store for her.

As we wrap up this interview, not only am I anxious to know but your loyal readers as well…When can we anticipate the final installment being released?

So many times I hear authors mention how their final book in a series is one of the easiest because it is just “packaging and delivering” what was already written in the previous books. However, for me this is quite bittersweet because while I am covering previous materials from books 1 – 3 there is also so much new information that gives the reader the full picture of Danielle’s lives, relationships, and her fight for her normal. In previous interviews, I shared that when I began writing this series, it actually started as one book with a large portion of that being books 1, 2 and a small portion of what you will read in book 3. With that said, book 4 is in the creation process, and is going pretty well. I have a lot of ideas on the plot twists and content that will keep the readers on the edge of their seats but again it is a process. The actual release date at this time is unknown; I can pretty much confidently say that it will not be released in 2013 but it will be out in early 2014. Keep on the lookout for updates around a release date and the plans I have for my next book.

Well Sarah, you know how they say “all great things must come to an end”? Well that also applies to this interview. Thank you so much for the time you spent talking about “Deadly Darkness” book 3 in the Death Walker series. Your candid answers, passion for writing, and your appreciation for your readers is evident. I have enjoyed reading every line of each book in the series to date and am really looking forward to the final installment so I can see how Danielle deals with her life, her mortality, her relationships, and her overall passion and personal fight for her “normal” life.

Pick up your digital copy today and once you have had an opportunity to read please provide your feedback. Feedback is greatly appreciated and is a wonderful way to share with others your opinion and thoughts on the content and author.

Thank you for your time in reading this interview.