Deadly Desires Interview

Interview with Sarah Dieng (Author of the Death Walker series)

Author of Deadly Dreams Book One and now released Deadly Desires Book Two

Interviewed by: Mary Pruitt

Now that your second book Deadly Desires is out how do you feel?

Relieved and glad it’s finally out.

Was it difficult to put another one out in less than 6 months?

Not really. A lot of it was done for the most part. It was part of the original 600 page book, before I split it up into a series. I just had to go back and do some re-writing, add some scenes and expand on others.

Yes, they do become closer.

I see you have introduced another character into this book. Who is Alex?

That would be giving away too much, but I can tell you that Alex is a character that becomes involved in Mitch and Danielle’s lives.

In a good way?

I think so yes.

Can you elaborate?

Alex’s presence will explain a lot of what is happening to Danielle.

Do you plan on putting another of the series out this year?

I am hoping to put the last two books of the series out this year. I am not sure of the dates, but that is my plan.

Have you started the third book Deadly Darkness?

Yes, there is some content from the original book, but there is a lot that needs to be done on it

Is there any content for the fourth book Deadly Destiny?

No, the 4th one is like a blank slate.

Do you have any ideas for the fourth  book?

Yes, I have a lot of ideas and I am excited and looking forward to exploring them.

Do you have any advice for authors or those people that love to write but are not sure about e-Book publishing?

I say follow your dream. I wasn’t sure about publishing digitally at first, but then I read up about it a little and I think the article I read on Amanda Hocking clinched it for me. You don’t need to write a huge novel or even a short story. You can write poetry or music lyrics, whatever you want. The publishing resources are out there to use.

Whether you become as well known as Amanda is up to you and your readers. I say go for it and I thank my family for encouraging me to finally write and finish a book and then put it out there.

Can you share your background in a little more detail on what inspired you to write? 

Well, I have always loved to read. In fact that is pretty much all I did while in school other than locking myself in my room and listening to music. I did very well in English Composition. If I could choose what to write my English essay’s about I was happy. I have always had a very vivid imagination and there was always story lines and dialogues going on in my head growing up. I wrote my first short story around the age of sixteen or seventeen and really didn’t know much about writing or publication and was turned down so I filed it away. In my early twenties I hand wrote an adult romance novel. I don’t even know how many pages there were, but it was a huge 3” or 4” binder jam packed with lined notebook paper, written on both sides.

I thought about re-reading a few times and also typing it up just to see what was there, but just haven’t taken the time. I will admit it’s a mess. I have also written poetry or small essays over the years, I have started three or four adult romance/paranormal books, but something else would come up and they would get put aside. It wasn’t until I started reading YA books a couple of years ago and actually getting hooked on them that the ideas, along with encouragement from my sister to try and write one. So I began writing the Deadly Dreams, which turned out to be so long that it ended up being divided into a four book series.

I know we discussed this a little in our first interview, but can you elaborate on how difficult or easy it was to write YA novels, or in your experience any genre?

To tell you the truth it wasn’t as hard as I thought. I mean it’s been a really long time since I was a teenager, but surprisingly you don’t really lose all of that…innocence I guess you could say. And these days there are so many TV programs that specifically cater to teenagers or showcase teenagers and their lives that even adults get hooked on them. Not to mention the hundreds of new books that come out that are YA. A lot of the YA authors today are adults. It’s really not that hard to write about a teenager’s life and then you add a vampire or a little paranormal stuff and you have a book.

As for other genre’s, I have always gravitated toward paranormal. Growing up I was always interested in Horror, or Suspense and some Drama. It wasn’t until probably in my twenties when I started reading Madeline Baker vampire romance and any Time Travel Romances I could find as well as anything with a Highland Scot in it. I also loved to read the Native American romances. Like I said I had a few ideas for adult paranormal romance and I intend on finishing one that I have started after I finish the Death Walker series.

Writing adult paranormal romance for me is a little freeing. I can use my sense of humor and sarcasm and it makes a good story.

I’ve noticed that you have sold quite a few e-books of your first novel already; do you attribute your current success  to having a good support system?

I do yes. I have a wonderful family and friends. They support and encourage me a well as helping spread the word.

One more question. What is an important thing to know when self-publishing and trying to get your book  out there?

Marketing is very important. If you don’t let people know that you have a book they might want to read then it won’t get read. You don’t even need to spend any money. Like I said before the resources are there to use. Facebook is a good tool, you find famous authors all over it. Goodreads is another. Create a blog and advertise, put it out there. The more people who see your work, the more your book will get read.







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